Your name and number should be in a harmonious vibration with your Date of Birth for easily getting success, happiness and love.


Numbers are present all around us and in some way or other we use them daily from starting are day to ending it. Hence, numerology is way beyond our Date of Birth.

The most important thing to remember is that every number is unique and has both positive and negative qualities.  It is interesting to know that how people consider few numbers as positive whereas others are considered as negative. If this would have been the case then where does the SPIRITUAL significance lie in all the numbers?

One must not forget that every number has its own importance and every number is required in once life.  “Every number contains its optimal qualities, while simultaneously challenging us with certain tendencies and obstacles,” numerologist Felicia Bender says. Moon is an epic example of how the same planet can have different results on different people on different days. When the moon is in the rising phase it increases the water level and also gives rise to the vim’s and fancy of people and the both reach on top on the day of full moon. Whereas the same full moon can be the source of light to people travelling in the dark. It is the same moon but has different impact of different set of people.

So how does numerology work?

Each number, from one to nine, has a spiritual meaning, which can be applied to individuals in various ways. To understand the numbers one can keep a track on of its routine. Maybe you always get up or sleep at the same time, or you might be checking your watch at a same time of the day, or your expenses are happening more on particular date— whatever numbers you might encounter, they likely mean something.

If you want to understand in deep as to which number is more supportive to you than the other then you need to calculate your Lucky or Life Path Number. This number is calculated with the help of your date of birth and is made to come in terms of single digit. Bender says that your Life Path number is similar to your astrological sign in the sense that you were born into it, but it can still provide some insight into what sort of thinker you are, and what role you tend to play in your family and friend group.

It is important to understand that “Numbers and Letters are the two eyes of all human beings”.