Have you ever noticed the lines on your palms?

Have you observed them changing?

Have you wondered which line signifies what and if it can help you know your future?

Palmistry is one of the oldest forms of art that foretells the future.

It is believed that Palmistry originated during Samundra Manthan, hence it is profoundly known as Samudrik Gyan.

Every hand is unique, and no two hands can be exact copy of each other. The changes in the Major Lines (Life Line, Heart Line, Headline), Minor Lines (Fate or Luck line, Health line, Marriage line, etc), and Sister lines in the hand of a person indicates the various different events that have taken place in their life or will take place.

For palmistry one does not need the details of his birth which makes it easier for everyone to get the predictions done.

The only thing necessary for the reading is a clear picture of the hand which is clicked by a high-resolution camera or a scanned copy of the hand works in some cases as well.

 Uses of Palmistry

  • Helps to predict the Future
  • Acts like a guide for a better Lifestyle
  • Prediction of a suitable career
  • Prepares for the right Relationship
  • Helps in understanding others behaviour