Tarot is a predictive tool much like astrology, palmistry,and numerology.

Every person could have a different view or perspective of how the tarot works. The working of tarot completely depends on how you gain access to your intuition and your inner power and wisdom.

In Tarot we have 78 cards out of which 22 are major cards and rest 56 are minor cards which are divided into 4 different suits with 4 court cards in each suit.

Every person or situation you come across in your life can be identified within these 78 cards.

Tarot cards predict the near future of the person. It is believed that the cards tap in your intuition and energies of the nature present around at the time of the reading, which helps in identifying problems and remedies for the same.

A combination of both Minor and Major cards helps us understand the impact of a person’s actions on their near future and the result they might get in the longer run.

For instance, your business is not going well. If during the reading session, an ‘ Ace of Pentacles’ shows up, this would mean that in the foreseeable future you will experience improvements in the business with the help of an investment or you might get the opportunity to invest in a new business that will prove to be profitable for you.

The thing that most attracts people towards tarot card reading is that it not only opens our eyes to minor and major problems we may be facing, but also provides us with remedy that helps us rectify the situation. So, it is advised that whenever you sit for a Tarot reading, you should always try to have positivity and optimism in your mind.